How to Prepare For a Difficult High School Math Quiz – Study Tips For Teens

You are a teenager with an upcoming math quiz that is going to be difficult. You’re trying to figure out how to prepare for it so you can really do well on it. You want some ideas as to how to get going.

Here are some tips to help you get ready:

Tip 1 Don’t Panic

First of all, stay calm. Unless you have put off your studies or this is practically a ‘pop’ quiz situation, don’t freak out. Give yourself a moment and realize that quizzes and tests are part of the process of going to school.

Tip 2 Come Up With a Study Plan

Once you learn the fact that you are facing a quiz take some time to plan.

Make some notes. When is the math quiz? What are the date and times? Based on the answer to that, figure out how much time you have to study and prepare. For example, is your math quiz the next day or two days off? If it is the next day, then you’ll have to study later today and this evening to get ready.

Do you want to study alone or with others? If you want to study with some other students, figure out when and where to meet. Will it be at your house or another house? If it is your house, don’t forget to check with your parents first before you invite them over. Make sure it is okay first. Your parents need to know so they can be prepared as well. Then set a definite time.

Tip 3 Determine the Scope of the Quiz

Did your teacher tell you what would be covered on the math quiz? If so, then you know where to focus your attention. If not, then you need to think about what material was covered. The topics and problems that were covered in class most recently are likely to be the focus of the quiz.

Identify the types of math problems you have the most trouble with. Make sure you include a review of them and some practice.

Tip 4 Set Study Ground Rules

You want to get down to business so give yourself some clear ground rules. Determine to have a quiet place to study.

Determine there will be few to no distractions – no cell phones; texting, etc. are allowed. Pets may not be in the room. Eating snacks will only be allowed during break time.

If you can, have a parent monitor you and tell you when it is break time.

Tip 5 Actually Study

Show up on time prepared to study! Review the ground rules and get to work.

Review what you determined was the scope of the math quiz. Review from your recollection of what was covered in class the different types of math problems taught.

If you have been at this study for 45 minutes to an hour, take a ten-minute break and get back to work.

Tip 6 Wrap Up

Finally, go over everything once again. Conclude your study period. Put things back in order and move on to other things. If you studied with others, thank them and send everyone home. Get some rest.

Tip 7 View the Quiz as a Coded Message

Go into the math quiz as someone who is out to crack the secret code.

Take it seriously, but try to make it fun too. It will help you relax. Read each question carefully and understand what it is asking before you answer.

You have prepared yourself, now conquer that math quiz!